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Scoring High Test Preparation

Sunshine Learning Center Offers Test Preparation Classes.
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Grades 3-8

Scoring High on the ITBS – Grades 3rd - 8th

A test and grade specific preparation program that teaches students to apply their knowledge and think in all areas of the test, while giving students the confidence that makes for higher scores.

Student book includes a second practice session in each unit, a complete facsimile test complete with sections for bubbling in name and date, to familiarize students with the test they will encounter, tips to help students understand test formats, teach time management techniques, and learn test-taking and study skills.  Teacher book includes background and instructional information, unit objectives, and a colorful poster listing tips to help your students succeed.  Be sure you have the current teacher manual.  Prior years publishing will not match current years, exactly.


You can order Scoring - High student and teacher guides directly at, go to test preparation and order.

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