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Why Do A Personal Evaluation?
This option is recommended if your child is younger then 3rd grade, has any special learning challenges, or you feel that standardized group testing would be too stressful and the child would benefit from the one on one interaction. 

During the Personal Evaluation we will... 

  • Review your child's portfolio: Instructional log, work samples and book list. 
  • Administer The Woodcock-McGrew: a Mini-Battery of Achievement. The MBA is a brief, wide-range test of basic skills and knowledge.  It assesses four broad achievement areas-Reading (identification, vocabulary, and comprehension), Writing (dictation and proofreading), Mathematics (calculation, reasoning and concepts), and Factual Knowledge (social studies, science, art, music, and literature).   The test format consists of pointing out responses, oral responses, and some written responses.  This test is preferred because it provides an accurate snap-shot of the child's academic achievement in a brief, approximate 45 minute, session.  Results are computerized.

If your child does not really need the personal evaluation, but is not quite ready for large group testing, we offer a small group  Mini Iowa (Survey).  For 3rd - 8th Grade.  See schedule for details.

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