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Enrichment Classes


Enrichment classes are a great option for many home educators. 

As with any educational option we need to determine our needs and goals,
then decide which option most closely aligns. 
Click on the links below to visit their websites and see if their programs could be a match for your family.


Dr. Farris is offering his high school-level Constitutional Law course to help you:

  • Understand our nation’s founding documents
  • Explore precedent-setting Supreme Court cases
  • Master tough legal terms and complex judicial and legislative concepts
  • Tackle tough questions about what the Founders really intended and what you can do to uphold their vision
  • Broaden your understanding of and appreciation for the Constitution of the United States


Our purpose is to lead the
 home-centered education movement
 by equipping parents and students
 with the classical tools of learning
 needed to discover the order and beauty of
 God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same.


It's no secret that the
 lie of evolution has become
 a stumbling block for many
 on their path to salvation. 
CSI is called to remove this
 stumbling block by teaching
 the truth that God is our Creator,
 that we are made in His image,
and that by Him and through Him,
all things were made.


Christian Snorkeling and Scuba
Instruction, and Day Trips.
Bringing God's underwater
 world to you in
Christ-centered adventures!


The Christian Homeschool Athletic Association
 (C.H.A.A. “SAINTS”)
is a
professional physical education program
 presently serving home school families
 from Hollywood, FL to Ocala,  FL.
C.H.A.A.’s sole purpose is to provide
 homeschooled children all the benefits
 of an athletic curriculum under the
 guidelines of professional instructors.
 The curriculum has been written
by Coach Rick “Mr. Rick” Andreassen
and is approved by the A.C.S.I.
 (Association of Christian Schools International).

Equipping home-educators to run the race.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your family!

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